Hey there! This article is for new Hearters or Hearters who want to expand their account! You can check out @HeyMyNameIsYasmin and @the_night_skies's amazing articles on how to get more hearts on your pictures as well! Again, sorry for the lack of pictures as I am doing this via my device.

Note: I use mostly the app so most of the time, I'll be referring to the steps as via the app.

Name and Username
This is a very confusing thing if you have just started, no worries, I was confused too. When you go to your settings, (top right corner if you are on the app) you will see a "tab" for 'Name' and 'Username'. The 'Name' is what you see at the top of your canvas, or when you click on someone's profile, so you can do anything really for it. Keep it short and sweet. The 'Username' is the @, which shows up at the top when you click on the info part of someone's account. By the way, this is the format if you are using the app. So don't keep your name the same as your username...it's just not very nice, I guess. :)

Cover Picture and Avatar
No one wants to see someone's profile with no profile picture, and even more, no cover picture. In the app, the cover picture can be seen at the info part of your account. When visiting others' accounts, you can click on it (only for the app) to heart it, if you like it. To add a cover picture, (sorry you can't take it from your camera roll) just go to the image you want, select the last icon on the tab beneath the picture (a box with a arrow sticking out) and click 'set as cover'. This will make your account better. Of course, always make sure you have a profile picture if you want to expand your account. It's simple really: just go to the settings, click on the profile picture and choose a picture from the camera roll. If you have a specific picture you want, remember to save it (image, box with arrow sticking out, save image: if you want to save an image from WHI). You may have to do this a few times before it shows up.

Collections are used to sort your hearts into different themes or types of photos. For example, I have collections for girl power, fashion, and also colour themes, even some for my favourite artists. You don't have to do this (@the_night_skies doesn't but her account is still amazing) but if you are starting, you may want to so that your followers can relate a bit more. Don't worry, you can delete collections but your hearts will still be there.

Channels is quite a recent update but they are basically like a compressed 'All Images' page (or rather, explore/discover page). For example, the 'Fashion' Channel has mostly images based on fashion, so don't expect to find an image of cute pets there. Joining channels can help you discover more collections or Hearters to follow, as well as your preferred type of pictures.

If you want to start posting, as well as adding a caption (maybe a quote, or a lyric from a song, or even the song name and artist directly), you can add tags. For example, let's say you want to post a picture of a cute small puppy. Don't add tags like 'fashion' or 'makeup'. Add tags like 'dog', 'cute', 'puppy' or 'animal'. Basically, something that relates to the picture. Tags are used so that when someone searches for, let's say 'nails', maybe, they can see pictures of nails, nail art, and not a sunset. (Sorry, going a bit too extreme I thInk.)

I just recently learnt this but postcards are a way of saying DMs on WHI. It is only possible for you to message, or send a postcard, to someone who follows you. You can't send on if the person you want to send one too, doesn't follow you.

This is it for now, I may make a part two, on tips on posting pictures and such. Thank you for reading if you got this far. Check out my other article: I will be posting more different articles soon so watch out for those!

Thank you again and see you again soon!

~ Trish (da fangirl)