My happy place is library. I am in love with the books.
For me books are the portals to the new worlds.

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Every book i read helps me to fall in love with the world,to believe in true love. However books are my salvation. They change my view of the world. I feel like every book is changing my mind and that my soul is receiving a small piece of every book that i read.
Also i fall in love with the characters. When i am reading i feel like i have some connection with them like i can identify with them.

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This is what i think.

I fall in love with describing every little thing about them, about places where they live or hangouts etc.. When you are watching a movie based on book even if they try to be so similar to book, movie will never be like the book. In the book there are so many small details that in the movie are cannot be filmed. I am not saying that movies based on books are not good but the book for me will always be better.

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I hope you will like this. Have a nice day. Be happy, be free.