You’re my sun, one and only in this world.
I bloom for you, but you make me thirsty.
It’s too late, I can’t live without you.
Even if ‘m drying out, I try harder to reach you.

It’s no use, it’s a dream to be broken, and I run and run, but I’m not getting anywhere.
Just burn me out.
Keep pushing me away.
This is a fool, crazy in love, chasing in circles.

Make me run.
Let my feet rip apart with wounds.
At least I can smile when I see you.

I run, I can’t stop.
I can’t help it.
This is all I can do anyway.
All I know is how to love you.

Run again, It’s okay to fall.
It’s okay to get hurt.
I’m alright, even if I can’t have you.
Pitiful destiny, point your finger at me.

Everyone says it’s over, but I can’t stop.
Is this sweat or tears?
I can’t really tell.

My love stripped bare, the stormy winds.
They make me run again and my heart beats fast.

Memories crumble like dried flower petals.
At the tip of my fingers, under my feet.
Right behind your back.

I’m chasing butterflies, so lost in dreams.
I follow your traces.
Show me the way, please stop me.
Let me breathe.