As you can imagine or know, I love Disney with all my heart so here I leave you a list of movies that I like and that encourage me a lot!

Moana: It's a super inspiring movie! She is a fighter and a dreamer;)

Descendants (1 & 2): I have been in love from the first moment with their songs, and the story seems very sweet, has a good background, dealing with the theme of second chances

Aladdin: I think it's one of the movies I've seen the most in my life, Jasmine was always my favorite princess, and Aladdin the truth is also from my favorite Disney male characters.

The Little Mermaid: The love of this movie is wonderful, it shows that it does not matter the differences between people and I love them

Teen Beach Movie (1 & 2): ok at first it cost me a bit to give these movies a chance because I'm very typical of old movies and I thought this was not going to be so good, but I really love the songs and it has A good atmosphere, the only thing that did not convince me completely was the couple of the protagonists, the story is very imaginative, not bad.

The Cinderella: I think this movie made me want a fairy godmother throughout my childhood, even now haha
It is a good story of self-improvement.

These are for now the ones I recommend! Most likely, I am also going to recommend songs from Disney series and movies very soon, until then, I love you guys