I haven't cut my hair in... three years? I do not really know; well, that doesn't really matter. My hair is long (everything is relative); reaches the mid of my back when straight; shoulder-lenght when curly. Yes, I've got curly hair. I love my curls; I love how the hair falls in spirals and forms lockes. It's so beautiful. I love my hair, but I straighten it every time I wash it. I love washing my hair and watching how the water runs throught it, resembling a cascade; I love washing my hair, spreading shampoo as my fingertips massage my scalp and tangle up through my hair; I love the smell of my hair conditioner and how smooth it lets my hair. I love the tingles it gives me when it caresses my back or my skin and how it waves with the wind in the car or how it swings high when I get it into a ponytail.

I love my hair.

But I want to cut it.

Short to my jaw line. I would feel so good. Feeling the fresh air on my neck, spending much less time to straighten it and feeling it healthier and brighter and stronger. And at the same time I fear cutting it. That it won't suit me. That I'll lose my long hair.

I love my hair, but I want to cut it.