I am a basic teenager living boring life. I am not Alaska Young or Margo Roth Spiegelman. And that sucks. Because, I want to be. You know, I want to living that dangerous life full of parties with good friends. But I can´t. And that sucks. I don´t have friends ( I have, actually five, but that´s not like we hang out every night. We text each other in beds.).
So, I stay home and I read or watch youtube videos, or TV series (I definitely recommend Skam!!) and that´s my life. And that sucks. Again. And my feelings in past two weeks suck, too. One thing that doesn´t suck, is music. Like, I listened to 80s hits on Spotify all summer. It´s mood booster for me, but only for like one hour. And then, everything sucks again. And again, and again.
Now, I am bored, so I am writing this article with no sence. One reason why I am writing this, is that maybe somewhere is boy or girl, who has exact same life like I have, so don´t feel stupit about it.
It´s life.
And life sucks.