Never happen to them that they do not have a good day, or a good week. Well to me yes, and everyone starts to comment on your life, the rest think they have the right to say what is happening in your own life and that you are different and you are moving away from those around you. What they do not understand is that one should not necessarily be depending on them and be telling them everything one feels or happens to them. People do not understand that one has intimacy and we do not have to share everything with everyone.
It frustrates me to have to be always happy and excited by everything that happens because otherwise the rest thinks that I have depression. What is the problem with not always being happy, you have problems that you may not want to discuss with them and I do not have mental problems. I am free if I want to share my things with them or not. Do not get me wrong, I do not want to say it's good to keep everything, but if you do not impose on me I have to tell you everything that is happening to me.