I can't explain how happy I'm feeling rn thanks to your support, my little babies.
I started to write just because I wanted but now I feel more motivated thanks to you all!

Ok I want to talk a little (more) about me.

  • I'm from Uruguay. I have 19 years.
  • My fav color is pink and my fav food pizza.
  • I love fashion stuff and style. Is a passion that I've always have!
  • I'm studying biology (because i like it) and I like math.
  • My dream is become an stylist or fashion designer.
  • I love english since i have memory (my first language is spanish) and I'm trying to learning french (just trying i guess)
  • I have a couple of friends but no a bff (and i need one)
  • I hate cook but i like to eat lol
  • i like dance and sing.
  • i love films and series. Also read books.
  • i've started a bullet journal since one year and I love it. You have to try it if you don't.
  • I love listen to music.
  • My fav part of the day are choose my ootd and work out.
  • Self care is my mantra.
  • My second (and not less important) dream is travelling around the world.

OK little babies, hope you like it and I want to know more about you!