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Autumn is here. The endless blue of the summer sky is replaced by grey clouds. The cold days are only occasionally interrupted by a flash of golden sunlight, warming the hearts and filling them with joy.
The trees have lost most of their leaves. All they've got left are dried brown remains, which will soon leave them as well. Then the trees will have to stand bare and exposed for themselves, with nothing to hide behind.
On the street people are walking fast, their shoulders pulled up in a defensive pose against the cold wind, their hands in their pockets, their heads bowed, their faces hidden behind hoods and scarves.

Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and hair image

And amongst all those people, who are walking bowed and hidden behind their hoods and scarves, one figure stands out. A young girl, around her early twenties, walking upright with a youthful spring in her step. Tiny and probably skinny, although difficult to tell, for her figure was hidden underneath a huge olive cagoule, her legs covered by worn out jeans with tights underneath and her feet in brown old leather boots.
Her face not hidden behind a hood or scarf, her shoulders not pulled up and her head not bowed. Her eyes flickering from one thing to another, absorbing everything.

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