Recently, I got my hair cut short. My hair before I got it cut was really long and had a bunch of split ends :(. Anyway I got my haircut done and am absolutely loving it!! But the thing is, it is difficult finding something to do with your short hair. So to all those people out there who have short hair, I feel your pain. So I thought I'd take the time and recommend some YouTube channels that really helped me, in the quest to find something to do with your short hair.

Number One: Milabu.
Milabu has short hair and has so many YouTube videos that will help you. From trying to do a milkman braid with short hair to hairstyles that you can do in a minute, Milabu helped me so much in trying to find hairstyles to do with short hair. She is an awesome person and has a great channel to go to with no idea with what to do with your short hair.

Number Two: Dodie Clark.
Dodie Clark is such a cool person and was recommend to me by one of my friends. I find that she is very laid back and also had a problem with finding hairstyles that she could do with her short hair. She was the first video I watched in trying to do anything with my hair.

Number Three: Fabulous Hannah.
Fabulous Hannah gave me so many ideas with what to do with my newly short hair. In her videos she explains things so well and just made things so much easier when you have nothing to do with your hair.

Number Four: Vintageena
This cool chick has too, so many ideas on what do to do with your short hair. I love how she has turquoise or light green short hair. It just suits her so well and I love how she has this cool vibe and attitude in her videos that make you feel like, yes you can do this!!!!

Number Five: United States of A Margaret.
Another awesome person that is cool, calm and collected when trying to do hairstyles with her short hair. Just like so many people she has trouble explaining how to do some hairstyles, but who hasn't got that problem? I for one do :) She helped me so much as well, and is a go to for me when I have run out of ideas with my short hair!

So there you have it!!! Five videos that have helped me with ideas with what to do with my short hair. Hopefully this will help all of you that have the same problem as me with finding what to do with your short hair!! If I find any more videos that will help inspire all of us with short hair, then I will let you guys know!!