Suriname is officially known as the Republic of Suriname. Suriname is a state on the north-eastern coast of South America and is the smallest country of the continent. The main capital of Surinam is called Paramaribo. Most people live near to the main capital or near to the north-eastern coast.

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A Dutch colony

Suriname became a Dutch colony during the 17th century. The country became independent in November 1975 but still has strong connections with the Dutch. While they were a Dutch colony, there was a lot of slavery in the country. The Dutch brought slaves from Africa to Surinam to work on the fields. The people that live in Suriname are the most diverse ethnic/cultural/religious group in the world. That’s mainly because the Dutch brought slaves from all different countries and states to Suriname.

The official language of Suriname is Dutch, but over the years another language developed through the country. It’s called Sranan and seems a bit like English.

Explore Suriname

Suriname has a tropical climate. The tropical rainforest runs through five different countries, one of them is Suriname. However, while you’re travellers and explorers, you’d like to know which things you don’t want to miss when you visit Suriname. I choose a few things for y’all, all located in the main capital Paramaribo:

– Saint Peter & Paul Cathedral-Basilica
Location: Henk Arronstraat, Paramaribo.
It’s the largest wooden structure in the Western Hemisphere, designed by Pope Francis in 2014.

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– Fort Zeelandia:
Location: Paramaribo.
A 18th century fort. Colonial history of Surinam.

– De Gadri:
Location: Zeelandiaweg 1, Paramaribo.
A fancy restaurant overlooking the Surinam River.

– Onafhankelijkheidsplein:
Location: Paramaribo.
The Onafhankelijkheidsplein (Independence Square). Surrounding the square is the Presidential Palace and colonial government buildings.

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– Palmentuin:
Location: Paramaribo.
Behind the Presidential Palace, there’s the Palmentuin (Garden of Palms). Besides the royal palms, there are tropical birds and some monkeys in the garden.

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For the adventurers

For the real adventurers of you, Busiwagi is a must. Busiwagi is a company that organizes Jeep tours throughout Suriname. One of the tours you can take is a Jungle Tour. If you want to, you can ride the jeep yourself and go off-road. Want to do more than just ride? The organization has got some challenges for you while driving.

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I hope y’all got excited to visit Suriname! For me, I’ve got the chance to visit Suriname in my fourth year of college (2019/2020). My school provides an excursion of 16 days to the beautiful country. Dream come true! Only if my bank account would approve…
Love, Vera