Why don’t we Smile?

Why do we save our smiles when our Role model Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) used to smile the most? We see that people who are religious tend to have serious faces , they hardly smile. I’ve heard people relating the incidents of lives of saints who didn’t smile their whole life. Let us change this concept. Ideal for us is the Life of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Islam does not stop us from smiling, in fact it encourages us to smile. It gives us reasons to
smile. So beautify your faces with a smile. The smallest distance between two people is smile.

What does it take to Smile?

We hardly have to move a muscle to smile but the effect a smile has is tremendous. It can win the hearts. It can take care of very tense situations. Smile begets smile. Smile, and the world will smile back at you. Smile at the nature and the nature will smile back at you. Smile is a good way to express your pleasure. Actions speak louder than words. How often you find it so hard to express your Love for some, your pleasure on some happening. A smile would do just the thing.