In this life, nothing remains the same. Everything changes. Allah tests us in many different ways. And we have to be patient. We have to be patient with all the unwanted changes, with all the difficulties, with all the pain and madness around. We have to be patient with the Qadr of Allah and trust in His plans, because He is the Best of Planners and Allah loves those who are patient. And Allah is with those who are patient. Patience isn’t just waiting for the hardships to be over. Patience is to trust Allah with all your affairs. Patience is to believe with certainty that Allah will not leave you in your state of despair and He will rescue you and grant you an escape. Patience is not just waiting. Patience is to know, trust and believe in the Might and Power of Allah with firmness. Patience is to acknowledge His Ability and His Mercy. Patience isn’t always easy. But it’s worth it.