hey, wuss good— its me bitch.

I'm just gon list some shit you need to know about me because you're probably new...

okay— my name is surrena, I'm from thailand.
im an igot7 & army [also a savage bitch on the low]

- i became an army in early 2014
and an igot7 since their debut

- my bias in bts is jungkook
my bias in got7 is bambam

- non favorite kpop artist is ariana grande, i love her with all of my heart
[fact: i was actually suppose to attend a concert in London but it got cancelled because of what happened in manchester]

- i study abroad in england, london
but i have a brooklyn accent [nyc]

- im a fashion/art student

- still in high school

- im embarrassing and very nsfw so watch out folks

- my [half] brother is called taejin, super honored they chose the name because i was the one who suggested it.
may or may not be taehyung and seokjin's ship name
[namjin was also an option]

edit: how tf did this get 80+ likes do people really care for me that much ssksk

follow me on my social media:

twitter: @jjkluhv
youtube: firstluhv

sorry for the profanity sksk