This is my first article about him, about Min Yoongi. (i think won't be the last, i will write more bcs my love will never end ♥) Min Yoongi a.k.a Agust D/ or SUGA. I saw him 1,5 years ago in Fire mv. Actually i didn't saw, my friend showed me fire mv and i liked it. BTS is my first kpop group that i known. Anyway, i saw fire mv and i'm shook because they're completely different from other groups. They're dancing, singing, rapping, dancing and dancing. (i love their dances, not only BTS, other groups too.) Then, this is funny part because i liked Taehyung first. I didn't even saw Min Yoongi /Taehyung my bias wrecker n of course Yoongi is my ultimate bias.
For me hardest part is knowing members names. For example i first knew Namjoon. He is different others because his skin more darker. Then Hoseok, Taehyung, Yoongi and Jungkook. I always confused Jin and Jimin (they're names are similar)
And why? Why i love Min Yoongi and he is my ultimate bias? Because i love rappers. Apop or Kpop doesn't matter, i love Eminem, Akon etc.
This isn't the only reason why i love him. He is MIN YOONGI. He doesn't give up, powerful, invincible, strongest, bravest. THAT'S WHY I LOVE HIM.
When i feel lonely, powerless and hopeless i listening him. He shout at me from my heart; ''Nevermind! If you feel like you're going to crash, then accelerate more!'' ''Don't give a shit! Don't give a fuck.'' and he always say this ''Dream, rather than humble, at the end we'll be prosperous.''
I smile with him, i cry with him, i fall down with him and i rise up with him.
I love even the wound in his small ear ♥

/sorry for my bad english