Once I told myself – you will never talk to her. NEVER AGAIN.
You will never ever be the reason of her tears.
I didn’t want to be like this.
It wasn’t because I didn’t appreciate your love and your devotion, my flawless girl.
It was the aversion I wouldn’t endure.
And I should have done anything for you, my love.
Now I realize how much I have lost.
I haven’t lost just your love, I have lost a wonderful friend and an infinitely support.
Now I miss you so much, my darling.
I miss you to infinity and back.
You were a supernova – you took my breath away.
And I was a black hole – I took your life.
You will never forgive me and I deserve that.
I deserve all the pain that has returned to me like a boomerang, because LOVE IS PRICELESS and I am worthless.

- Enna (I write for him)