hi guys!

so today i wanted to write about my fashion basics, musthaves, staple pieces, whatever you like to call them. these are just my personal basics, and the pieces that are essential for me.

i like to wear a lot of basic pieces that can be combined and styled easily. i mostly wear white, gray, black, and blue clothes. let's get started! :)

simple t-shirts

fashion, white, and black image
everyone should own at least one simple t-shirt in white, grey, or black. they are super easy to style and you can basically wear them with everything and anything. there is a variety of different cuts: v neck, crew or high neck,...

striped tee

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i'm kinda addicted to striped clothes, so for me having a few striped tees is just a musthave! they look so cute and can be styled casual or classy.

denim jacket

fashion, outfit, and style image
i'm obsessed with denim jackets, because they can make every outfit look cool and more put together. my denim jacket is slightly oversized, which i looove!

the perfect blue jeans

blue, jeans, and white image
do i even have to include them? i know, everyone probably owns a pair of jeans. but they are definitely a staple piece. i own different shades of blue, a pair of black jeans and destroyed ones.

a white blouse

Image by Gracie
i just adore blouses, especially white ones, because they can give you that classy look. lace or flower embroideries make them more interesting and girly.

simple cardigans

autumn, street style, and sweater image
to be honest, i still haven't found the perfect cardigan, but they are great and add a little something to an outfit or make it more comfy! :)

a chunky sweater

fashion, sweater, and style image
sweater weather! :) they are soft, chunky and so cute! i love wearing cute sweaters or hoodies in autumn, winter and colder spring days!

so that was everything that came to my mind right now. i probably forgot something, but anyway.. i'm by no means a fashion expert or something like that, these are just my fashion basics. so i hope you liked this article, see ya! :)

xoxo caro