Hi guys! My previous (and 1st article) was fun to write and it was successful for a first one,so I decided to write about school today. For some of you it has probably started already. I start school on September 15th (THANKS GOD!) and I want to recommend you some tips,motivation and stuff like that.

1.Start a Bullet journal

The bullet journal can contain everything - agenda,goals,planner,journal of dreams,wishlist,notes about your favorite things,diary,you know what i mean.It's everything in one,it's useful and it's fun to write in it,customize and decorate it.It's just a relaxing end of the day. You can draw in it, put pictures, write down your favorite quotes - it's really useful to have one,if you ask me,and the planner part will help you a lot through the school year. You can add reminders,to do lists and calendar with even weather forecast to it.

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2.Cute school supplies

Cute school supplies just motivate you to use them more,you'll be more productive and also,you'll take pretty pics for WHI :) .That's what works for me.

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3.Know your strengths

Try to find your strengths in every subject and choose them on projects so you can play it safe. If it's reading and presenting then talk more to get good grades, if it's writing,then write a tone of pages and let your thoughts out. If creativity is one of your strengths use that and make every projects different and make everyone interested in it (even your classmates lol). Make sure to always choose the objects that's most interesting for you,so that work will be easier. I know that you don't always have a choice but when you do...do your best. Good grades are not everything, but if you strive for them, you'll feel even more motivated. Bad grade does not mean you're stupid or not good enough. It's just a bad grade not a bad life. We all have our ups and down in every aspect of life.

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4.Studying routine

Make a routine. Have time for a snack,a little break,don't spend hours and hours on studying without a break,if you do, this whole time will be lost. Listen to music, use your phone or computer between studying and homework. Your mind needs something else than just school lessons.

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5.Try to pick comfy but stylish outfit

Picking the right outfit is a key for a good day at school. If my jeans are too tight,for example, I struggle finding normal and comfort position to sit,or if my shirt is too cropped and I eat a bunch of food and have 4 hours of classes left. You know what I'm talking about,we all have been through this. Try to be stylish but comfy at the same time,use accessories if the outfit seems boring to you,try new hairstyles and you're good to go!

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6.Social life

Social life at school can be described with one word - shit. Drama,rumors,relationships,those dumb girls who think that are more than the others. You can't actually stay away from this chaos. Choosing a group of friends is part of this as well. Find people you're feeling yourself with and done - you've reached the average highschool studen's dream. Try to be nice with everyone who deserves it but also defend yourself from people who are trying to bring you down. Defending yourself does not make you mean or bad person! And also don't trust everyone that easily!

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7.Find a hobby

Try as much activities as you want. You can try acting,singing,dancing,arts,sports,photography,poetry or whatever your heart wants. The most important part is to have fun and bring joy to your life.

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So that was it,hope you liked it.I just wanted to let you know that I'm not the perfect student but I'm trying so hard,so I wanted to share my personal experience with these tips. Sorry if it was too long but i really wanted to share it with you. Hope it was useful! You can follow me on Instagram,the link is down bellow. You can also follow my school/college collection and articles collection here on WHI. Thanks for reading! ♡

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