September is coming, school is starting and this school year begins. I like to be prepared for this, well, "situation", and I hustle and bustle all year, I'm usually really busy but I like to sit back at the end of the day and relax until I go to sleep.
In this article I want to talk about my school a little bit and give you some tips to the high school (especially if you're a freshman), and maybe we will talk about the relaxation after a long day. I hope you'll enjoy it, and let's start the school year!

My School

It's not a secret, I'm sixteen (turning seventeen) and I'm Hungarian. I go to a musical high school and I believe this is the perfect school for me, I'm kind of a weirdo compared to the rest of the teenagers. In my school we're all weirdos (maybe there're some exceptions) and we have individual schedules. In my case, I'm in school from about 7 am until about 6 pm, well, yeah, it's almost halt a day, but don't worry, I have one or two hours "free time" in this period too - well, free time in my case is practicing, of course. Yes, it's tiring and I'm always sleepy but it definitely worth it.
I can't say I'm the role model of healthy life style because I don't do any exercises and I'm almost addicted to coffee, and I'm usually nervous about something (really anything), and yes, I'm kind of a perfectionist, well, it's occupational hazard.
Freshmans, It's really not fee-faw-fum, I'm sure you'll drink coffee at least once while you're in high school and maybe you'll like it. I'm sure you'll be tired but maybe it will worth it.
I wish you endurance and patience!

Back To School

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Well, it's always a hard time but I think I'm not the only one who LOVES shopping for back to school (I hope I'm not the only one...)! There're a lot of posts what you might need, but let's go through a list quickly:

  • backpack/any kind of school bag
  • folders
  • notebooks
  • pencil case
  • pencils (graphite and colored ones too)
  • pens (blues, blacks, maybe colored ones)
  • eraser, sharpener, a little ruler
  • little sticky notes (for bookmarks) and paper clips
  • highlighters, wite-out
  • usb flash drive (not mandatory but good if you have one)
  • calculator
  • gym clothes (top, bottom, shoes)
  • tissues
  • wipes, hand sanitizer
  • hair ties, bobby pins, hair brush
  • deodorant, parfume
  • feminine products
  • lunch or money for lunch
  • extra cash for any case
  • gum and/or mints
  • phone (in case of any emergency)
  • headphones
  • painkiller, medicine
  • glasses and case if needed

Well, I think these are the things what every girl need in school. I usually carry these with me every day because we don't have lockers in our school. If you're in the same situation, well, pick a really strong bag!

+ if you want to have an even better time, shop plain folders, notebooks and school supplies then decorate them! DIY is so much fun!

School tips (these are really helps you)

1. Organized desk, room

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I know, it's really hard to keep everything in place, especially if you can't find that one sheet of the homework what makes the whole essay perfect, I know this feeling, but believe me, you won't find if you're in a mess. When you found that paper, grab the stuff you threw down to the floor and put it back to the shelf. Next time try to clip the pages together or put it in a folder, I promise you won't lose any page!

2. Color coded notes

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I know how great and neat it looks when you wrote the last fourteen pages with black pen without any colors and there're some little flower and planet doodle in the corner, but believe me, when test comes, the black ink won't facilitate the studying. Try use highlighters or markers but don't change the colors in every page. It can mess you up more than the similar black lines. Use one color to one thing, like
- orange for dates,
- green for names,
- blue for places,
- yellow for formulas,
- pink for rules and
- purple for the other important stuff (in my case, music titles in my music history notes).

3. Planner

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Well, I don't use the traditional, paper planners with stickers and other great accessories but I like to write the things into my phone. There're a lot of useful app which are work as a digital planner, I think it's easier to me because my phone is always with me and I believe if I'd carry one more book with me, my bag would start a strike... So, you can use it in your bag or even in your pocket, it's really up to you, but it really helps you to remember the important things and dates.
If you can, write your schedule on the first page of your planner, that way you'll always know what class is the next. Use color codes in your planner as well!

4. Eat and drink enough

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If you're always busy and you can't stop and just breathe for a few minutes, you know that the biggest problem is eating and drinking. Try to eat breakfast every morning (maybe drink a coffee too), that way you'll be so much more energetic for a few hours. Keep some snacks, chocolates or energy bars in your bag or locker and eat one when you have a few minutes free time. Drink water instead of soft drinks (well I wouldn't even mention it but try drink coffee instead of energy drinks), drink a lot of water (or in my case, green tea)!

5. Sleep a lot

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I know it's really tempting to watch some episodes from your favorite TV shows but sleep is more important for your body. Every morning when you shut off the alarm, you probably don't know where you are and who are you because of the sleepiness. I'm sure you always swear you'll go to sleep earlier that night, but than you're before that TV show and it's 2 am, and you're like "whaaaat?". I know that feeling.
Seriously: sleep as much as you can.

6. Studying

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It doesn't matter if you're at home or in the school, think about these advices, you'll be so much more successful:

- Ask, if you don't understand. Sometimes it's awkward to ask something very basic thing in front of the whole class, but it will be much easier to study if your teacher explain what that word means - oh, and don't forget to write it down!
- Make a study schedule. It's hard to sit down and study everything you just can, so try to organize: which subjects are more important, which test will be the first. The most important ones are the first to study and the others are secondary.
- Take breaks. You can't study all the time. I think the best proportion is forty minutes of studying and ten minutes break. Of course, it depends on how long you can pay attention, how patient are you, this is really customizeable, maybe your perfect proportion is 30 minutes studying and 5 minutes break or 90 minutes studying and 15 minutes break (this last one is actually mine).
- Tutoring is great. I said if you don't understand a word, a phrase, ask your teacher. Well, if you just can't understand the whole topic, ask somebody. It can be your friend who has a little more sense to that subject, it can be the best student from your class, it can be a good friend of yours who's olden than your, it can be one of your parents or even your teacher. Sometimes after class I go to the teacher and ask him/her if he/she could explain it later. They're usually very helpful if they see that you really want to understand the subject.
- Study with your best friend. If you and your best friend have similar grades, you probably can study better together than alone. You can help each other but I speak about the real studying, not that kind when you two are on the phone, texting and watching videos...

7. Activities after school

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Try to be with your friends and try different things. You can go to the football game after school or you can join to a club, it doesn't matter, the point is that you're in the school's social life, and, who knows, maybe you'll love the chess- or photography club!

8. Don't know, don't care

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Well, it doesn't necessarily connected to the school but there're mean kids everywhere. Believe me, you don't want to know what they think about you. Imagine the situation: you're at your locker and your friends runs to you, shouting:
- Hey, you want to know what -the mean kid- thinks about you?
Take a deep breath and say:
- No. Until he's not the cutest and kindest, most handsome guy in the school, I don't want to know what he thinks about me. Right?
It's better if you don't care about what other people think about you.

9. Clothes

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I'm sure many of you have a dress code in the school, but if you want to stay in a good mood and want to move free, wear comfortable clothes, shoes. Lazy girl outfits are the best for school, those are really nice but comfortable at the same time! (There are a lot of videos on the youtube with this theme:

After school (the afternoon/night)

If you survived school again and you need to go back tomorrow, you need a little relaxation.

1. Friends

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As I said, go to the football game or to clubs with your friends, but you can just drink a coffee/cocoa with your best friend, maybe with your crush. It will be so calming to sip that coffee and talk about literally anything. Have fun with them!

2. Home sweet home

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You arrived home and the first thing is to drop that heavy bag and throw your stylish but very uncomfortable shoes to the other end of the house with a loud groaning, right? I know that feeling.
Go to your room and change your outfit, girl. If it's the evening already, put on your pajamas and wipe off that make up, lay in your bed for a few minutes, stretch a little bit then go and grab some food. You know, it's your house, be ugly in peace!

3. Food

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It can be anything. The best is if it's not too heavy because you need to pay attention when you do your homework and it's hard when your stomach is totally full. Eat some nuts, veggies, fruits or any snack with a cup of hot tea. This way you can eat it while you're doing your homework and you don't need to worry about an accidental spaghetti stain on your papers

4. Homework

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Don't play for time, you need to do that few pages, it will be worse as time passes. Sit down with that cup of tea and do that homework. It will be a great feeling when you can watch TV shows without worrying about the essay.

5. Chill

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And finally, you're ready with that few pages, now you can relax!
Lay in your bed, watch TV, videos, go on social media, do whatever you want, then go to sleep!
You just survived another day of high school, girl! Be proud of yourself!

And yes guys, it was another long article, but I hope it was helpful too!
Thank you for reading this whole post, I hope you'll have a great school year and you can start it in peace and ready for autumn too!

(Self-promotion: if you want to read some autumn/fall tips and tricks to get a really good autumn, read my previous article:

Lots of love,