On may the 15th 2017 5 Seconds of Summer visited Denmark for the fourth time. This time under different circumstances than the last three concerts that was thrown respectively in Copenhagen and Herning since the first show back in 2015. This time it is not a normal "new album, new tour" kind of situation. No, this time it is the band's first real festival tour since their career kicked off back in 2011.
This tour is named 5SOS Summer 2017 and starts in South Korea on August the 13th 2017 and ends in Brazil on September the 15th 2017. When the band guests Tivoli, Copenhagen (DK), Friday the 25th of August, it will be as show number six in the context of 5SOS Summer 2017 tour - which means they will be about halfway through the festival shows, when they consume the danish stage.

The band plays in Tivoli as a part of Tivoli Garden's 20th anniversary of "Fredagsrock" (Friday's Rock). When Tivoli announced the booking of 5 Seconds of Summer as a part of the Fredagsrock-program, it was with following words: "Fredagsrock with girls screaming." The band is assumed to be the biggest name of the festival's list this year, and comes as an result of Tivoli having more money than usual for the Fredagsrock program. They perform with other foreign artists such as Lil Wayne.

During Fredagsrock Tivoli houses around 30.000 people in the crowd.

5/6 stars to the band - find reasons under "the concert"

The day
The first good handfull of fans already showed up in front of Tivoli's main entrance at 5:00AM - ready to intake first and second row in front of the stage. Other fans formed queues outside Tivoli's second entrance for people with pre-sale tickets. Those fans (here among me) formed row three, four, five, six, seven until about row fifteen right in front of the stage. When Tivoli opened its doors already at 11:00AM, happy and slightly panicked fans ran towards the stage that the boys would intake at 10PM later that night.

Soundcheck and friendships
During the waiting hours soundcheck started and the fans listened excitedly while sitting in front of the stage in long lines and many rows creating a good atmosphere already 11 hours before the show began and the band would appear on the big, beautiful stage of Fredagsrock. The sun was shining and Tivoli had to give out wristbands for the first many rows, so that the fans could get up and leave their seats for a couple of minutes to pick up water and food without risking the seats they had held on to for hours. Tivoli handled it well and deserves 6/6 stars for a sparkling treatment of the many fans who showed up during the hot and extremely sunny summer day. Tivoli made sure the fans had music to listen to (to kill time) and gave the fans possibility to get up and stretch their legs and avoid dehydrating - the bar was solidly placed next to the stage and the many rows of patient fans, where you could pick up water for 10-20 DKK (1,60-3,21 dollars). But the heat did not stop or tire the many fans, who just took care of each other, held each other's seats and played cards with each other to kill the long waiting time. They sang along to the music (wisely chosen by Tivoli - everything from 5sos, to Don Broco to Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Troye Sivan) and stretched their legs in groups. It was easily felt how fanbases have the same things in common - and how easy it is to make friends with the people around you at concerts based on one fellow interest. It made the long waiting time feel a little less long and easier affordable for the danish (few Swedish, Finnish and German fans) outside the stage many hours before showstart at 10PM.

An incredibly chaotic moment
Around 7PM a panicking moving forward by fits and starts happened in between the waiting crowd. The back of the crowd decided to pack their stuff and run towards the front rows with no warning - and it all happened within the time of a lightening hitting the ground. It was unexpected and happened so fast many of the people in the front actually lost their "seats." The seats they had held on to for eight, long and hot hours. My friends and I had ourselves prepared for a situation like that, and just a half hour before, we had talked about the possibility of people soon rising from their seats. We had already taken our jackets on again and made sure our bags were close enough to us for us to grab it as quickly as even possible if anything like this situation happened. And because of that, we got to keep our third row seat right in front of Hemmings' spot on stage. But not every one was as lucky as we were - many people we met during the first many hours of waiting got many rows behind us because of this. It was totally unfair and I cannot believe something like this happened in a fanbase as chilled down as ours. And in a situation like this, Tivoli could have handled it better - but then again, how do you prepare for such an attack?

The concert
Exactly at 10PM the light over the crowd turned off, the lights on stage turned on and in ran Ashton Irwin (drummer, 23) with his arms in the air, running from side to side of the stage signaling to the fans to scream louder. And the impossible happened - the screams got even louder. He ran to his drum set and started a drum solo while Michael Clifford (guitarist, 21) ran on stage taking his left side followed by Calum Hood (bassist, 21). Together the three of them made the crowd go even crazier as a welcoming to Luke Hemmings (rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist, 21) who also ran on stage, took his position and yelled: "COPENHAGEN, HOW ARE WE FEELING?"- and the screams got even louder. No doubts, the atmosphere was at its best and the Danish fans were ready to start a party with the four Aussies. Right after, the band started the first song out of sixteen, and opened the show with last year's succesfull single, Girls Talk Boys. Already here the standard for the show was sat - very much in the very top.

A band in top form
The band was, as the caption says, in top form. They were happy, they chatted, they laughed, they teased- and roasted each other - and they had the huge crowd with them from the very beginning. There were no doubts at all, 5 Seconds of Summer were back, better than ever and they owned Copenhagen. Guitarist, Michael Clifford, looks at the crowd with a smirk on his face as he asks: "Who in here wants to kiss Calum?" And just as you thought the screams could not be any louder and that they had already hit the maximum - you realized you were much, much wrong. So your ears started beginning you to wear earplugs next time.

Everything the boys performed was live and authentic which was definitely proven when lead vocalist, Luke Hemmings, seemed to forget the first verse of the song "Castaway." Luckily the fans were able to read his confused face and slightly awkward smile - and proved to them, that Copenhagen got their backs - as they started singing back the real lyrics. The gratefulness quickly showed in Hemmings' face.
During the major-hit, Amnesia, Tivoli was lightened up by toussands of phones. It brought back the good old feeling of goosebumps - and the band seemed incredibly happy with the view. Tivoli was already beautiful in the dark with the lightening rollercoasters - but it just got a lot prettier with the lightenings of toussands waving from side to side along with the melodies and the acoustic guitar with the sounds of 30.000 fans singing along.

Three songs before the band unfortunately had to leave the stage, more long speeches were held for the many fans. Here among Michael Clifford, guitarist, said following words: "Copenhagen... I don't wanna leave this stage. I think someone might have to carry me off this stage tonight and I think that someone might be Calum."

Good set list - but with a few missings
Despite the many and lovely conversations between the boys and the crowd during the show, they boys also brought sixteen amazing songs with them on an outstanding set list. Somehow they managed to touch upon every album and a couple of EPs they have made along the years. Like that they both performed new as well as old melodies. Of course the set list contained huge hits such as She Looks So Perfect, Amnesia, Don't Stop and She's Kinda Hot (as luck for the people in the crowd, who may not have been the very biggest fans), but it also presented us to lovely B-sides such as Disconnected (they never fail this one) and If You Don't Know (for the love of the biggest fans, who cannot get enough of the amazing B-side songs). Like that the band managed to make sure there were songs for everybody to sing along to. And that itself makes me want to give the band 6/6 stars - and they are probably closer to that, than to the 5/6 stars I have actually given them. But why did I not give them that, then? Well, I have to be critical. And honest. As a huge 5SOS fan I could not help but think two things. 1) Where the f*** was Voodoo Doll? 2) Why do you keep performing What I Like About You - your own songs are so much better! Do not get me wrong - I am very much aware of the fact that What I Like About You can get the crowd very hyped, but believe me; they have a lot of their own songs that can do so as well. It makes me feel a little sad, that they left out songs such as Safety Pin, Permanent Vacation, Beside Your or Voodoo Doll for a song that technically is not their own, even it sure feels like it is. They have performed it so many times by now and they are doing a great job doing so (yes) but I just missed the other songs, you feel me? Like that I could not help but think; where was the Girl Who Cried Wolf? Or if they wanted to get the crowd just as hyped as it is during What I Like About You - Money, Fly Away, Rejects or the crazy B-side song Just Saying. The options are many and I am sure it is a hard job for 5SOS to chose only sixteen bangers out a hundred, and I have to admit they did a great job. But I cannot be the only huge 5SOS fan who misses thinking back on the Rock Out With Your Socks Out-tour, remembering how on the floor we jumped up and down, nearly hitting each other but still having a great time - or on the balconies when we jumped so much we feared it to crash - during Rejects. I just missed songs like that, you know. Those really punk inspired rock and roll melodies that make you want to headbang and throw some rock and roll hands in the air. Of course I still did both though, because lets be honest already, I had the best time of my life at this concert - I mean damn it, I was third row to four of the world's most beautiful human beings on planet Earth. And God, I love them so incredibly much.

And I do not think a single person left the show unhappy. The boys not only owned Tivoli, Copenhagen the Friday night of August the 25th 2017 but all of Denmark - and most likely for the rest of their careers. Or lives.

"The bands' members were never seen happier or in a better shape" - that is how I would explain it, if I had to make the story short. 

"We did not expect this many of you!" Said Michael Clifford with a happy face. "We expected twenty of you - and like.... ten of you were getting hotdogs or something" said Luke. Calum laughing. “I’ve got big dreams….” said Ashton Irwin with the look tuned towards the many Danish fans in front of them, "I wanna come back here next year and play to an even bigger crowd.”

So now it is only about waiting for 5SOS3 - and then we will most likely see other again next year. To an even bigger show with an even bigger crowd. Because of course, Ashton's dream can only come true with the amazing job they did this time. They left an impressed mark on all of us.

5SOS Summer 2017, festival tour, Copenhagen, Tivoli - set list
1. Girls Talk Boys
2. Hey Everybody!
3. Disconnected
4. Don’t Stop
5. If You Don’t Know
6. Good Girls
7. Waste the Night
8. Vapor
9. Outer Space
10. Amnesia
11. Castaway
12. Jet Black Heart
13. End Up Here
14. What I Like About You (cover)
15. She’s Kinda Hot
16. She Looks So Perfect