Here you go, girls:

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So first of all, I'm not an expert. I am writing the things I would do and about my experiences & observations.
Let's get started!

  • Be self-conscious in his presence, even if you do not feel so good on this day or you're very shy. Maybe you do not feel too self-assured, which is perfectly okay, but I have made the experience that guys like it when the girl knows what she wants and stands to herself. For us it is also attractive, isn't it?! ;)
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  • Even a self-assured or strong and upright course/walk lets you notice more quickly and emphasize your figure. Do not hide for your body & your character.
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  • Which leads to the next point: Stay yourself, no matter how much you want to impress him. He should like you for who you are and not a wrong copy of yourself. In addition, you radiate a lot of personality, which will definitely impress him
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  • Try to find common interests. Listen to conversations, check out on Facebook or Instagram what kind of hobbies he has or activities, music, sports etc. he finds particularly cool. Maybe you represent his interests and you can start a perfect conversation.
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And if you do not have any common interests, there is certainly something that interests you and you can ask him about it.

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  • What perfectly leads to the next point, the more often you ask things like: " and how was your day today?",Or, "what did you do today?", Or, "how are you?" That shows him that you are interested in him.
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  • Try to be inconspicuous and casual by touching his arm or hand as you leave the door or while you are going. Or give him a somewhat firmer or longer hug at the greeting.
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  • If you have eye contact, do not look away!
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  • Try to have a smile on your face (but I think the fact that you see him will be enough for you not to stop smiling :) ) because a friendly face and a nice smile make girls & boys in my eyes all the more attractive.
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  • Laugh much! Amuse & share his humor. Even if he does or says things , that isn't funny for you, pretend a smile or at least as if it were not the stupidest thing he has ever done/said.
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  • Be honest! And if he does not entrust you with personal things, do not immediately go to your girlfriend(s). Because that could quickly cause them to make something unintentionally conspicuous and thus you would have lost his confidence, which we definitely do not want ;)
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you got this

So these were my first starting points. Let me know if you want to hear some more tips and otherwise I hope this article can/could help you!

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Lots of luck & xxxx
♡ Amanda ♡