Do you ever think about how books can change our perspective of life? And I don't mean reflexive books or Augusto Cury books. I mean fantasy, books about dragons and the supernatural, mythology.
Everytime I read a distopia/utopia book I ask myself deep inside if there is any possibily of that happening, and I don't see why they can't.
It all start with the wars and then the hunger, cold and fighting for survival.
Or when I finished reading "The Mortal Instruments" - all the 6 books -. I really asked myself If there was a possibility of that story be true.
Like, what If that story it's already a lullaby for the Nephilim children, we may never know.
Wouldn't you love to discover something amazing in the world and turn it into a book? And what If that already happened? Would you like to know?
I would certainly love to discover that the Nephilim story I read it's true (more than I already think it is).

Thanks for reading. xoxo Alexis