people come and go but how they made you feel stays forever!

The funny thing is that disppointments and hurtful things always come from people we never expected it from...and thats what hurts so bad.

It is crazy to think that someone who tells you they love you and want you to be happy can put you in so much pain and don´t even realise they distroyed your look on real love in just seconds.

don´t you dear to tell me you love me and talk to other girls...I remember one time you asked me if I´m in contact with someone else and I said: "even when we are not together anymore I can´t picture myself getting close to someone else.. yes it´s over but Im still in love with you and I won´t give someone else hope when my heart is still yours"

I asked you if you feel the same way and you lied straight up to my face then just hours after our talk I saw you chatting with HER

'Remember not everyone has the same heart as you'

That is something I had to learn the hard way...just because you would do anything to make them happy and never feel such thing as pain doesn´t mean they would too

You disappointed me over and over again
My heart just can´t take it anymoe

I just thing the worst part of it is that my so called best friend helped you finding that new girl

This text is not just about you (the boy) its also about friends
Friends that break your heart

I´m not a 100% sure what I´m trying to say with this article.. but I thing I know for sure
I´m not the only one feeling like that and as long as we know we are all in this together we will get through it

Stay positive