I will shortly summarise what just happened:

He texted me on DM three months ago. But he was not like any other ordinary boy. He started writing something about the weather and then we talked about flowers. Roses and hibiscus. We seemed to find endless topics to talk about and we found a lot of similarities. The way we were texting got very intensive really fast. We talked about everything. And I think after one week of chatting we met for the first time. It was perfect. We acted like we would have been a couple for a wile.

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Our first kiss was next to the river of our city.

After that we called each other every single night. He always wanted me to tell him all the details of my day. It was so cute. We liked the same food, the same music and most of all we really liked each others' company. Romantic good morning texts, always wishing sweet dreams at night. I swear, I was really really happy.

The only thing that stopped us from being officially together was that I had planned a one month trip to South Amercia. We both agreed on making it official after getting through this time. But two weeks before I left he started acting differently. He wrote less hearts and that stuff. And only one day before my flight he kinda broke up with me.

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I have not heard anything of him for two months.

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But two weeks ago, out of a sudden, he texted me to tell me he wanted me back. Just this, no longer texts of explanation. No real effort. His way to text me got so cold, it is the complete oppisite of how I used to know him.

Yesterday we met. We laughed like those two months had never passed by. But clearly I wanted to hear more of him than " I've missed you " .
I mean, I am capable to write texts like this arcticle only dealing with him and he has no more than a few words to offer for me?
I actually did not want him to kiss me, but in the end he got me.
Since that date, so to say, since one day he did not text me although I told him it could only work out if he texts me more often and in a nicer way.
So, the following words I want to address directly to him:

Are you kidding me? I told you everything that I expect from you and you still do nothing. How can you state wanting me back and still do nothing?
Nothing of what I loved about you appears to be still there. You changed. You ain't the man I fell in love with anymore! And just in case you don't get it by yourself... while you aren't texting me, other boys do. Others are entertaining me, doing something to receive my attention and to reach my heart. Even boys from the other side of the world are sending me cuter texts than you do. Do you get the message? Right now I might be still thinking about you, but this won't last forever. I have options and I deserve better. So it won't last too long until I'm done with you forever. Is this clear enough for you?

Thanks for reading this. I hope you are not finding yourself in a similar situation right now. But if you do, you are not alone!

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written by @theheartbrokenhuman

PS I hope you gonna read this one day and know you're meant. Maybe then it will be too late.