Hey, all my We Heart It friends, you've been amazing so far. Keep it going. I just want to say, if you have a goal in your life, please just work your butt off to get there and, believe me, you will be happy. Also, you will get a lot of self-confidence, if you are in lack of it. First of all, don't turn back if you have bad days. It's okay to have them because they are here to help you understand what it is like to have a goal and achieve it. Second of all, there are always people who will tell you that you can't do and it is really a problem becasue a lot of achievers are affected by that - words hurt. But you have to be strong and ignore them because their lives are so boring and they are less confident. Simply they suck. Just don't pay attention to them. Third of all, when your goal is achieved, you will NOT pay attention to them. To conclude, all work pays off but it takes some time. Hold on!