So school is about to start again and we all need to go and look fabulous, so that I bring you some outfit ideas for the first day of school!! But first I need to be very honest, the outfits I have choosen are pretty basic because in my opinion in school you need to feel good but confortable at the same time, so here we go...

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(This one is really simple some ripped jeans, a black top and vans, but then we can play with some acessories)
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(This one is a little bit different, but in some ways I like it, when I seet my eyes on him I feel so confortable that I just want to dress it)
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(Back to the basics, some jeans and a t-shirt and we can go)
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(This one is still in summer vibes, an off-shoulder top and a skirt, then you can pick your hair up and you will shine on your first day)
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(I know not all of you will aprove it, but I kinda like this way of playing with patterns and yellow is my 2017 color, so this one needs to be here)

This was my 5 outfit ideas for your first day of school. Don´t be afraid of dressing the way you like, you don´t need to dress like others, be yourself. Send me your first day of school outfit and I will choose some to put in my next article or maybe in my fashion collection...

Love you,