A cheerful greeting to all the people who are reading this article!
I tell you even before I start this post is the first I do and I'm still not very practical ... :( Another premise is that I'm Italian and I'm translating this article with an app and I apologize if the terms or Grammar are not perfect.
As a first article, I thought of dealing with a very stressful topic for all the boys (like me): the beginning of the malicious school. All those days spent in those classrooms make us sick, yet, as soon as the torture is about to start again End of summer holidays, we look forward to meeting new people and meeting our friends. So here are three little tips on how to make friends quickly!
1) You must be yourself! Do not behave as if you are not just to fascinate others ... a true friend will only be this if you know him seriously :)
2) you must be honest, do not lie to your habits to make them similar to others, who does not accept you is not a friend!
3) Choose only who to stay and stay with only those interesting recruits ... do not go to those who love rock if you love classical music!

with love