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Have you ever wished you had a high-end home? Or just wished your current home looked a little bit more high-end? Needless to say, having a high-end looking home can be difficult, especially if you have a tight decorating budget. Fortunately you don't need an enormous budget to make your home look more high-end.

I'm back with a new interior article and this time I will share 10 simple and budget-friendly ways to make your home look more elegant.

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  • Crown molding
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A space without crown molding tends to look average. For little money, crown molding applied to the walls makes your space look fancier. When you're picking out molding, keep in mind that the wider the trim the more expensive the room can look.
  • Paint
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One of the toughest decisions during decorating is deciding what colour to paint a space. Opting for either crisp white or neutral hue will make a sophisticated and affluent impact to the room. Neutral walls allow you to change accent colours seasonally. Another easy trick that really gives your home a bit more of that lux feeling is to paint the interior doors black. Just make sure to use black accessories to tie the doors and accessories together.
  • Pillows
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Throw pillows are always a fabulous accessory for your sofa. But if the goal is to look luxurious, ignore the 30-45 cm (12-18 inch) pillows that any home could have. A collection of small pillows are not quite big enough to make an impact an honestly, they are too small to be any real benefit. Go for the 55 cm (22 inch) pillow covers and stuff them with 60 cm (24 inch) inserts. The overstuffed pillows offer the luxurious feel your wishing for.
  • Window treatments
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The options for window treatments are endless and in endless prices. Avoid flimsy, unlined curtains, these are signs of poor quality. The price might be nice, but this is the time where spending a little more gives you the elegant and expensive look you've been dreaming of. Find a selection at a specialty fabric store. Their experts will help you find the right choice with in your budget. Once you have picked out your curtains, hang them as close to the ceiling as possible. This will draw your eye up and create the illusion of fullness. Curtains hung just above the window tend to look sparse.
  • Hardware finishes
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Many homes come with very standard hardware finishes. They tend to be cheap, in both cost and appearance. Fortunately, hardware is not that expensive to replace with more personalized options. Change out the drawer pulls in the kitchen and replace them with more unique pieces. You can find them at any hardware store, specialty shop or even at a flea market. Make sure to choose the ones you love. You can also change the builder's basic faucet too.
  • Lighting
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Good lighting is crucial to any home. You can have the fanciest furniture in the most high-end home but it will not look as fabulous as it could without proper lighting. Like with hardware, lighting is another one of builder's standard accessories that lack personality, character and style. Replace your basic lighting with a unique designer look. There is no need to shop at the high-end stores, though. You can find the most beautiful pieces at a flea market or a second hand store. A bargain found on a chandelier goes a long way toward your expensive look. Add table lamps and floor lamps in each room. Lighting of any kind will create an expensive look and feel.
  • Hardwood
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Carpeting might feel soft and warm under your feet, but having hardwood floors will give your home that classical visual appeal. Changing from carpet to hardwood might seem like a budget buster, but keep in mind that they will last for years making the investment well worth it. Hardwood comes in many types and others are more luxurious than others. For example, dark wood will add richness to the space, similar to the idea of painting your interior doors black.
  • Accessories
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Gold is often considered synonymous with wealth, but it can actually en up looking tawdry. The colour can be hard on the eyes while trying too hard to provide that luxurious look. Consider silver, chrome and brushed nickel, they offer a polished look and are easier on the eyes. Silver also reflects light better than gold.
  • Furniture
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Furniture is usually the largest investment made in a room, but a budget can come in the way. But getting poorly made furniture will cost more in the end. Try shopping second hand stores, consignment shops and estate sales for well-constructed pieces to be reupholstered.
  • Housekeeping
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The easiest and least expensive way to make a home look posh is to keep it cleaned. Dust and vacuum weekly, avoid clutter and your home will shine. All of the other touches will stand out and be noticeable.

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