There were times when I cried,
because I had a bad day

flowers, book, and bible image

there were times when I was disappointed,
because people leave me without any explanation

girls and pink image

there were times when I was so damn desperate,
because I can never get what I want

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there were times when I had to pretend to be happy,
because I don’t want anyone else to know that I’m dead inside

flowers pink

but that was a long time ago
I am a different person now

pink beauty

I am not going to be someone else to fit in
I am no longer trying to please you
or anyone else

I will not let you trample on my pride

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it is not someone else who determines my happiness
it is me

bedroom luxury

I am responsible for my own happiness

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now before you are trying to knock me down,
make sure your ability is higher than my heels

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I love myself now
I Am stronger
I Am proud of who I Am

Superthumb Superthumb

and your words can no more bring me down

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now do not tell me who is the fairest
i can look at the mirror by myself

aesthetic fashion

do not tell me how to look like and how to act

boy Superthumb

I Am beautiful no
t because of my look
because my heart and soul are beautiful

fashion boy apple Superthumb

i know i am not perfect and i am happy

do not try to be perfect because perfect girls do not exist

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