Silly girl with black hair and black eyes
who prays for another life
you have the power , you also have the pain ,
you have the sorrow , you still think of people's name
who left you alone when you needed the most a sign of kindness.
You still watch the night sky , hoping for a day
when you will be one of these stars - a magical point in the night .
You want to have the eternity beauty of a star .
You just want to be adored by someone like you ,
someone who understands the secret of darkness ...
but darling , it is such a bad thing to believe that someone has a heart as big as yours .
You want to take the darkness of your heart and you put it on your clothes .
The girl with black hair , black eyes, black clothes , black also live the most colorful life ... "she knows where God is taking her so she just can't be with anyone "
You do not know how to love . For you love means something that doesn't hurt ... and you have been hurt a lot by the people you loved the most ... so they improved you that love doesn't exist .
You can't learn what love is by reading books . " Reading is for people who wished they were somewhere else " . Reading is just another escape , like sleeping is an escape from the mind and crying is an escape from the heart.