We heart it is super cool and I wanted to introduce myself with a story
about who I am as I found hope to live through creativity.

Life is always different.Some people are lucky and some are not,some people are pretty and some are not,some are loved,a whole lot of good stuff and some are not and its always unfortunate to find yourself on the 'NOT'part which I have experienced for the longest part of my life.

I'm from Zimbabwe but hey that's not the bad part because every country is beautiful but not everything in it is amazing.Growing up as the only ugly person in my family was tough because I could not be cool like my siblings and I didn't have friends. To make matters worse on one fateful day when I was 9 I got hit by a bus and lost my ability to walk. All the negative vibes were clinging on me so I guess you understand how it feels growing up not having friends .

However,I started writing stories imagining a world where I was cooler and this gave me a little bit of hope to my existence and destroyed all the suicidal tendencies that always whispered in my ears. My own stories motivated me till I regained my ability to walk and as years went by the ugliness started to vanish and now I look a bit better .I'm 20 now but that feeling of being loved hasn't paid a visit but I understand what it is from the way I give it but never from the receiving end.

My pen and paper taught me that in life you shouldn't fight what people see and construct the wrong meaning but fight to understand that beautiful soul within you and embrace it for life isn't worth losing.It might sound crazy but I have hoped to have cool friends,travel,have fun and I am still hoping that I will and if I don't have that in this life I will probably have it in my book life.Stop comparing yourself because some people don't have the ability to see deeper.

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To the one reading this you are beautiful,smart and precious and not everyone understands that but if you do then protect your life and live to the fullest.'Media knows it's own beautiful,the camera knows it's own beautiful,the eye knows it's own beautiful but you know that you are a beautiful soul and that's all that matters.http://weheartit.com/entry/295839676?context_page=6&context_type=explore
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