I start to hate what i used to love.
Photography, guitar, you, us, myself.
The earth stop moving a second before i catch my breath again.
there's no regret, just forget.
Realizing life, realize the lie, it's the reality.

I hope i could talk to the wind.
Whispering back to the ocean.
Dance with her and made tsunami coming out. Sorry, i just wanna crush everything; including me.

is it called crush because it will break our heart, broke it and left nothing? Is it?

did the cloud really moving? or it's just reorganized to their old water-friend? So they could fall on the same lake? Hit me please, i'm start to be an idiot.

if the galaxy give me a second chance to restart, i'll take it. Step back. Make u-turn. And i'll find another way. Built a bridge to someone new.

Maybe i'll start with you. Because it comes to end up with you.