• Easy and beautiful ways to make Autumn decorations for you room. Fallen leaves ring dishes, gold natural ornaments, decorative tray, Autumn candle decoration and sparkling Fall leaves wall art – must try 🙂
Image by Nini

I start with DIY Ring Dishes shaped like fallen leaves. You will need: 200g flour, 100 ml hot water, 2 tbs salt. You can wait till it dry itself, or help it dry faster in the oven (90° C, 2 hours). If your leaves will slightly burnt 🙂 – it’s ok 😉 For painting I used acrylic paints (red, yellow, orange and gold (the last was translucent)). But you can use nail polishes instead.

Note! Use only heat resistant dishes to bake (to dry) the “leaves” in the oven.
Image by Nini

The next Autumn DIY project is pretty easy, but gorgeous anyway – Gold Ornaments. Go to the park and gather some fallen acorns, pine cones of different types, walnuts or any kind of nuts, dry branches etc. Then clean it and paint with gold acrylic paint or nail polish. Put them into vases, jars, put near candles, so they will shine, glue them to photo frames or mirror frames… Up to you. BUT! I use them for my next DIY, which is…

Image by Nini

DIY Tray – decorative tray for decorative things lol 🙂 To make it you will need a shoe box lid, jute twine (I took natural non-colored twine), 2 plastic headbands (for handles), gold ribbon and a hot glue gun. I love this organizer-tray. Hope you’ll like it too.

Note! Make sure the candles you put into this tray are in a glass jars, so the tray will not set on fire
Image by Nini

The fourth Do-it-yourself project is a wall art – Sparkling Autumn. One of my favourite! You will need a canvas (mine was 30×30 cm), colorful paper, fallen maple leaves of different sizes, glue stick and Christmas lights. You can hang it on the wall or put on a small easel. It gives such a warm cozy light and so intelligently bright colors to your room – awww 🙂

Image by Nini

And the fifth Fall Room Decoration is an Autumn Candle. Guys, I’m pretty sure you will like this way to decorate candles, cause it gives a lot of opportunities to experiment with colours and shapes… Ok. 🙂 You will need a blank white candle, crayons (I used red, peachy orange and yellow) and a burning candle. Hold a crayon not over the flame, but next to it. Hold it just for 2-3 seconds, to slightly melt the crayon’s tip.

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