Boys and Crushes ❥ 1

I love it when I catch you looking at me ❥

August 29, 2017

Many of you know that I have a crush on surfer boy but what you definitely didn't know that I've had a crush on him for 7 months and I'm pretty sure that's unhealthy because I've done absolutely nothing about it but don't fret this is going to be my journey that I share to you through this series.

So today is August the 29th and I had the pleasure of asking my friends crush out. To be honest she was never going to ask him out if I didn't say that I was thinking about asking my crush out at the end of the term .

Remember girls can ask guys out it doesn't have to be the guys who make the move.

So as I was saying I was asking out L for E so I did.
As soon as I saw him enter the school grounds I ran up to him and asked him to slow down but to be honest he kept speeding up, until I said the name E. He stopped and looked to me and this is exactly what I said:
"Hey L, on behalf of E she would like to ask you out." He literally started laughing when he said yes so I didn't take him seriously but then I asked if he was serious and he said yes.

I was so glad to see my friend be happy but remembering that it was my idea to ask out my crush...

We had assembly right afterwards and when I came in the room I saw them sitting next to eachother it was sooo adorable.
E's mum found out and she's not upset because E was talking about him and her mum said she doesn't like the sound of a guy who plays an instrument...


Thank you for taking your time in reading this, I hope that you are inspired that anything can happen. I will definitely tell you if I ask out my crush how it goes that's only if he says yes.

- Probablyancientbeauty (Z)