I love reading. :) I'm not even lying or exaggerating when I literally drove my mom to say, "reading is a crime!" - jokingly, of course. She's no better than me since she skipped a few classes in college just to go to the library - when I finished two books consecutively each with 530 pages in three days. That's 72 hours. We all have that one book we can't put down at all, am I right? Not even to sleep? Yep! That was the situation I was in. XD Anywho, that up there is a fact. Now let's get to the good stuff! Get a snack; sit tight! This is gonna be a bit - hah, yeet (IswearIdon'tnormallysaythatit'ssomainstreamandyuckyforgiveme), not even a bit - lengthy!

My type of genre lies in the Young Adults section, mystery, suspense/thriller (things that involve a possible murder, or psychological stuff), romance, sometimes fantasy, dystopian, aannnnndd... hmm, well relatable concepts! If you share the same thing, you came to the right place. :)

Red Queen (series) by Victoria Aveyard

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Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Dystopia, Fiction

Super Short Summary (since I'm not good in summing up or explaining simple things for my life ; - ;)

The main character, Mare Barrow lives in a world where having red blood means that you're poor, and having silver blood means that you have god-like powers. Of course, this results in discrimination on both ends because why do the Silver bloods get more privileges than the Reds, and etcetera. Then BOOM, Mare is unfortunately thrown onto the grass-is-greener side, and she has to tolerate the Silvers and fake a mask with her people. Hate that. She also finds out that, although she has Red running through her veins, she has powers. DUN, DUN DUUUNN! (* record scratch * Well not really, cuz I mean, having powers is pretty cool, right? Just don't be arrogant.) Following the OMG events, Mare basically has to play two face when KABOOM romance strikes Mare-HQ like an enemy nuclear bomb! That same nuclear bomb goes by the name of Cal, and he's royalty. Oh, did I mention that there's a rebellion? Yep! The rest you'll have to find out for yourself. Will Mare survive the suffocating kingdom of Silvers, or will she get found out while pretending? Or heck, will things never get solved in this world divided by blood? :0 > o <

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Okay, that's not even "super short" anymore... Mah bad.

Here's Why I Like It (to put it lamely): Mare has attitude. Dude, powers! :D There's a real mean bitch-character there that has, of course, the most awful power. Sorry, make that two meanies. >:( Annnnddd, I honestly like it a whole lot more than a few other dystopian novels, to be honest. I think I've reread the series (cuz I am oh-so lucky to have all three) about... thrice? :D There's the forbidden love thing too that isn't as UGH as other stories.

... Okay, looking back, I may have done no justice with the why-I-like-it part. ; - ; Sorry.

Made You Up by Francesca Zappia

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Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Mental Health, Romance

Short Summary in My Terms:

The protagonist goes by the name Alex. She has schizophrenia, and before you start crabbing - that is, if you do - about romanticizing mental illnesses, no, that is not what Francesca is doing.
Since Alex has a hard time deciphering illusion from reality, it doesn't get any better when she moves to a new school and kinda wants to start anew without anyone running scared not only because of her alarmingly red hair, but her condition. Along the way, she meets Mr. Stoic - a Miles, actually - someone who strikes a startling resemblance to a kid she thought she met in her childhood, but also thought she made up. Then, further down the road, Alex makes friends, kickstarts a romance, and is living life. However, she's kinda walking on a tight line, isn't she? What if the made up things get to her, and everything is out in the open? Normal wasn't always Alex's forte, crazy was.

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Why I Like It:
Oh my gosh, I found this story relatable emotions-wise (because frankly, I don't know when it's all in my head, or if things are really genuine; but of course, I'm not saying what I'm feeling and thinking is as severe as Alex's), and the romance between Alex and Miles is super cute. I legit found myself saying "awww," and I really don't do that. o-o Not kidding, I'm not that breakable in most situations... They're sweet. :3

Master of The Game by Sydney Sheldon

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Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Romance

Short Summary in My Terms:

Kate Blackwell is the main character, and she is literally someone you would call "the Dragon Lady" because of her intelligence, beauty, and — oh my gosh, she is basically a role model! Thing is, she ain't as angelic as you think she is when you hear me saying all those praising stuff.
Kate has a pretty dark history involving blackmail and murder, and she strives for one thing: first place and power. Luckily for her, she has all the things that'll get her to it! Will nothing stop her ruthless ways?

Why I Like It:
Those people ain't lyin' when they say that Sydney Sheldon is a master story teller. This book had me sleeping at one or two am with the constant saying, "one more page, one more chapter!" It's the best book with vocabulary to match, and it literally had me frustrated with its jaw dropping moments. Just typing my admiration for it makes me want to read it again! XD I highly suggest this book because it's literally as if you are reading or watching or — oh, I don't know, it's so movie-like! If you really want a delicious read, pick this up. I can't say too much about what I like cuz I might spoil some liquid gold! XD Sorry!

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I Hunt Killers (series) by Barry Lyga

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Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Horror, Thriller

Short Summary in My Terms:

Jasper Dent is the lead role, and unfortunately, his dad is a killer. .-. Mhmm. Don't worry, he's in jail. This is the only thing that sucked me in when I first saw this, haha! XD
So, considering the fact that his dad is in jail, how come out-of-the-blue murders are exactly like the ones his father used to do? :0 !! It ain't Jazz for sure, he's trying to make others believe that he won't turn out like his father. So... WHO? That's the mystery. The series get even more exciting, but I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING ELSE! ><

Why I Like It:

As I had already stated above, the fact that Jasper's dad is a killer, and then all of the sudden there are crime scenes that copy the way his dad committed those murders — Barry Lyga had me grabbing that book and reading it the second I got home! There was also that internal fight, you know? Jazz is not like his dad; Jazz is not like his dad; Jazz is not like, or even is his dad! You just have that internal conflict with yerself. I loved the suspense woven into the later books of the series. For reasons I won't say why, I loved the third book. ;)

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Well, these are the books that I have for you guys for now! Maybe there'll be a part two.


Random: Ya know, regarding romance, I find myself saying that I don't really need real life romance because the ones in books or fan fiction or online is good enough. Seriously, it's sufficient for me. I know it's probably because I'm scared, I have my insecurities and the like, but like... the ones in books I find are so much more... heart eyes and sighs/swoons I don't need real life romance. I like readin' things like them more. But hey, maybe that'll change. ... Naw, I'm scared, BYE. :D