Walking on the sidewalk,
Drenched in the rain
A boy came up to me,
And asked my name

I turned around with shock plastered on my face
As he was the guy i have known since second grade
He was my best friend at first,
But then circumstances changed it to it's worse

The cute nerdy friend of mine
Now was a hot guy who played with girls as if it was no crime
The question he asked, hurt me more
What else one can expect, when it comes from someone who used to be so close 

He caught up to me within no second,
And asked, 'what's wrong in telling your name'
His constant questioning hurt me till no end
But i replied without letting him know that i am broken

"there's nothing wrong in knowing one's name,
The real question comes till how long will you remember it''
His expression softened and he looked hurt,
As if he remembered me but wanted to show that, this interaction with me was his first

With this i started to walk back on my way
Knowing that now he will not come to stop me again
But in the back of my head i wished he makes everything correct,
As childhood crushes aren't easy to forget.