Each year,building out a winter wardrobe can feel like the quite -to-do.there's a balance to strike,and our cold weather clothes need to be warm as they are cool.sure that sounds easy though,but in practice it can be hard to decipher which veteran pieces are worth holding onto,which are worthy of investing and replacing.
There is however a recipe for success-and it is all about pairing up.in the pictures below i have 10 categories of items that aren't up for debate.here's what to do -look at your wardrobe and separate your clothes by section.now you can more easily see whats happening.
Don't have anything that fits in any of the categories,then its time to buy something new.do you have 13 of the same category the its time to get rid of the ones that you wear least.
Once you have all the categories tuned up and only then you should pepper in those extra purely on trend pieces.
Seriously you can get through the whole season with just ten items.