So I've already written an article about the recording artist I listen to the most as well as a couple of other music articles which can be found in my articles collection.

This time I'm going to write about another of my all time favorites, the legendary Mahalia Jackson.

Mahalia Jackson - October 26, 1911 – January 27, 1972 - Nicknamed 'Halie' was referred to as "The Queen Of Gospel". She had a truly remarkable, powerful and expressive voice. Her performances always came across as heartfelt and totally sincere. She died when I was a small child, but thanks to her recordings I discovered her later on and she became one of my favorites of all time. She was truly one of a kind.

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I'll now share a few of her songs with you.

Trouble Of The World
Lord Don't Move The Mountain
Steal Away
Summertime/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
How I Got Over
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Mahalia has been honored by the US Postal Service with a 32 cent stamp.
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And I'll end my Mahalia tribute with one of her quotes.