Tuesday 29th August 2017

So, firstly, me and my friends asked out this guy for our friend and he said yes! I've actually shipped them soooo much!
The fire alarm went off AGAIN today. Two weeks ago, it went off, and it's happened at least 10 times this entire year! It was a false alarm, no surprises there, but I kinda would've liked the school to burn down so that we wouldn't have to do school! They say we have to leave our iPads when there is a fire, but I'm like NO WAY, this iPad cost money!
I had my music lesson today just after the alarm. It's funny because my last music lesson was interrupted by the fire alarm, this time I just missed the alarm.
I feel so bad because I keep lying to a close friend about who I like because I think she might like who I like. It's actually killing me having to lie to her.
School finished at 1pm today because we had the expo for next year's subject selection. I think that I've chosen these as my electives: Music, Art Elevation, Media, Journalism & Food Tech - Then there's all the other core subjects that we have no choice about so maths, English, history, religious education, sport, science etc.

So, now I'm sitting at home writing this at 4:15pm, and I have to leave for netball training in 30 minutes. And then, after that I have to do LOTS of homework.
It's actually soooo stressful lately. All the teachers give us assessments at the exact same time and give us NO time to do it and it's sooo annoying!!!!
Motivational Quote for Today:
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!
~ Audrey Hepburn

Hope you have/had a great day