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a wild Sehun dancing in the lotto mv

I suppose this article is for both people who do and don't listen to kpop and my take on the whole thing, along with my favorite groups.

What Is Kpop? And Why?

First off, if you like kpop then you can skip these next two parts. If your confused or thinking getting into kpop then keep reading.

Kpop is, woah, get ready for this mind blowing information, it's just korean pop music. Hence the big K in front.

Shocking that the K doesn't stand for Khinese (Chinese) or Kapanese (Japanese). Not sure why that part of the whole idea is the most confusing to people but whatever.

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As for why anyone would listen to kpop, well I can only speak for myself and the reason why I enjoy it. I enjoy it because the industry is very well rounded. Many artists have spent years training to become the best they can be vocally, performance-wise, and in dance. As a result, they are a higher quality than most American or other artists.

Putting aside their talent, now let's add on the fact that the majority love their fans deeply and make it a point to meet their fans constantly and if not meet them then they live stream as much as possible to connect with them.

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I think he has different face masks on his face but that's beside the point (Kang Daniel)

Not to mention the kpop community is a cool place where memes, potential friends, and fun subsidies. I've met a ton of cool people through stan twitter.

Do You Understand What They're Saying?

I don't. But that's not a problem because the internet is an amazing place where translations lie. Also, ready for this amazing thought, you don't need to know a language to enjoy music. Thinking that way will limit you in life.

Ever since I got into kpop I have picked up on a few Korean words and phrases just from watching my favorite groups on variety shows, and watching kdramas. So even if you don't have a clue at some point you'll get an idea.

Plus, liking kpop let you see a small portion of another country's culture and whats not to like about that?

My Favorite Groups

Some might say kpop isn't for them but each group or artist has a different sound. You're bound to find something you like.

In order my favorite groups are:

1.Victon - A seven member group with amazing vocals, versatile concepts, and hilarious boys. Although they're rookies they just released their third mini album.

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and the lovely boy on the right is my favorite member and bias Han Seungwoo, the leader.

2.Pentagon - A ten member boy group that writes and produces many of their own songs. They are a very diverse group of talented boys from Korea, China, and Japan. And they will be releasing their fourth mini album. I kid you not, they have the best songs.

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and that cute guy on the right is Adachi Yuto, a Japanese member of pentagon who also happens to be one of the youngest.

3.Pristin - A ten member girl group with two mini albums right now and they take part in composing and writing their songs. Their songs are catchy as fuck, I recommend Black Widow.

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on the right is my bad bitch, Yuha aka Kang Kyungwon.

4.Ikon - A seven member group that is involved in their music. If you're looking for a more hip hop feel, THEY ARE YOUR GROUP. They own that shit.

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And that is Kim Hanbin, the leader and the man responsible for producing, composing, and writing many of the group's music.

5.Got7 - A seven member well-rounded group. They are hilarious and genuine boys with bops.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Kim Yugyeom, the youngest in the group and the best dancer.

6.Monsta X - A seven member boy group with a unique sound, not to mention the boys are all really supportive of one another and really love their fans.

monsta x, wonho, and minhyuk image jooheon, monsta x, and kpop image
That is Lee Jooheon, the cutest rapper you'll ever come across. He's also extremely witty and sweet.

My Favorite Korean Solo Artist

1.Giriboy - just a beast at composing, arranging, and producing his own stuff. He's the cutest smart ass you'll ever come across. He's his own genre & he probably produced music for your faves.

giriboy image giriboy image

2.Jay Park - a sexy fuck. No, honestly, he's a well-rounded solo artist, from America with amazing vocals and dance skills. And he's the Co-CEO and Founder of a record company called AOMG at just 30 years old.

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3.Heize - she can rap, she can sing, she's just so talented and literally doesn't have ANY bad songs.

heize image Image by deadlygloss

4.Dean - How does one not like a song by Dean. Every song of his is catchy and sounds really good.

dean and kpop image dean, kpop, and korean image

5.Jessi - AMAZING & UNDERRATED VOCALS. Now and days she dabbles in rap which is hella good but her vocals are what snatched me. She used to be apart of a group called Lucky J and their songs were amazing and so are her songs now. She's also QUEEN of not giving a fuck about what others think. A BAD BITCH.

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The Wrap-Up

If you took anything at all from this, have it be that music of all forms is great despite language barriers.

Well, this was fun, toodles.

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