In life there are two different types of people, those who are famous and those who are not. But why are they categorized as different and unreachable?
Because they have money? because many people love them?

I mean yes it is a fact these people have this gift, this talent that makes them somehow different in some aspects, however that does not make them supreme or celestial; so why praise them so much?

Yes being supportive is always a great quality in anyone and of course I'd support my favorite people any day.

But here's the thing if you can praise other people who don't know of your existence, why is it that sometimes your so hard on yourself?

Why don't you relish on your own achievements?
why don't you love yourself like you love other people?

An artist is a person that uses his(her) gift's and talent's to live a better lifestyle and find happiness through it.

So this means anyone can be an artist, and by anyone I say anyone even if your not famous or ridiculously good looking, you can be happy with your own talents and you can praise and relish on your own success because you deserve that as much as any other person.

So rewinding to the beginning and the tittle the only one's who the world and the society divide in category is non other than us humanity.

Lesson :
Be your own artist,your own supreme, your own happiness and then be someone else's.

Jashira Roman