What's love?
Such a good question to ask who doesn't want to talk about love and it's sweetness , hugs ,the cuddles ,kisses that innocent looks and the crazy laughs. Love is always the biggest question cause when we were young they always asked us if we love mom or dad better. But as we grow up the times of that question asked reduces, at some point we become the person who asks that question what's love. As we grow older we look for it and forget to ask what's even love .Cause you know we always thought love is mom and dad or ice cream and the sleepovers with our friends. As the time passes we will get more confused, like you will never get it what to love the most or who, i know I sound like a lost person..! No not at all... but i was, I always thought I'll never be loved or I'll never love someone that much that I would sacrifice everything to be with even my soul. It doesn't matter who u love, at the same point trust me you will get lost you will be like a body searching for a soul , more like a ghost looking for a body ,like a thirsty person looking desperately for a fountain, it doesn't matter who you find as you find that person that , that peaceful place to let your little soul rest in it. You will feel as good as a colorful rainbow after a rainy day , that sunshine you're looking for one day it will appear and make everything just fine even better than ever. The point is we will find love in many things , the important thing is learn is.... its that love is the secret energy that our little souls feed on. Embrace love in all its kinds at the end love is love.
I always loved to write, but this is my first time I got the courage to write after my cat died she left such a great space in my heart I missed her soo much I treated her just like little spoiled baby , any ways this is my first time soo if u guys see any wrong just comment t it would be soo nice of u and thanks for rading.