"It happened again today,"
You said as you sat down.
You flipped your raven hair over your shoulder,
And dropped your Prada bag to the ground.

"What happened?"
I replied back.
You reached into your Prada bag on the ground,
And lifted out a heavy stack.

"This! Look at this!"
You pointed to all the letters on the table.
They all had hearts on the them,
And cute animals drawn like they belonged in some fable.

I picked a letter up,
And sipped my green tea.
"Looks like you have a secret admirer,
from what I can see."

You sighed loudly,
"But who could be sending these?"
You cupped your cheek in your hand.
"You know I can't stand a tease."

I shrugged,
And looked into your eyes.
I put my tea down,
I couldn't keep telling you lies.

Your phone buzzed,
And you smiled at the lit screen.
"Kevin's here!" You beamed.
Kevin? The jock who's always so mean?

"You're leaving so soon?"
I asked as you got up.
"Yeah, Kevin and I are going on a date."
You said and I looked down at my cup.

"Have fun,"
I whispered as you walked towards the door.
You forgot the love letters I sent you on the table,
I guess it would be pointless now to send you more.


I am not perfect, so there may be some mistakes. (: