"Do you ever just want to push them into the water?"
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Cassidy looked beside her into the haunted eyes of Daniel. They were cloudy and darker than usual, causing her to hold back a sigh of annoyance. This time, his gaze was one with the feeling of tangible distance. It stopped her from gritting her teeth in agitation as well. Something was wrong.
Although, she was standing right beside him on the edge of the public pool, it was as if there was a gap. A chasm, yawning wide open for things to thicken between them, and cut off their ties of friendship.

Something was very wrong.

Cassidy pressed her lips into a thin line, and crouched down to her best friend's level. Her arms rested on her buckled knees, toes a centimetre away from the line that bordered the water. This was as rebellious as she was going to get with her fear. But Daniel knew that, so it should score her some bravery points.

"Daniel, who's 'them?'" She asked. A suspenseful pause dragged until it unsettled the long haired brunette. Previously, Cassidy had stared out into the purple-pink hues that blended together like paint on an artist's palette. Frankly, she wanted out of there. She had a party to get to, but if she didn't leave Daniel on a happier note, she would be stuck with a raincloud in human form for the rest of the school week.

When Cassidy turned to look at Daniel, she startled at the pair of aqua irises. They looked empty. Or were they just... hiding something? She always said that they were like the ocean, his eyes. As endless as the white of snow in the winter, and as dangerous as the sharks that swam in those same waters.

"Them." The corner of Daniel's lips dared to rise at his thoughts. "Do you think... if we put them in a place where they can't do anything, will it all stop?" He murmured. When he placed a hand on her shoulder, he said quickly, "you can't swim, right?"

Slowly, Cassidy whispered, heart pounding, "Daniel, who's 'them?'" Blood rushed to her cheeks as she swallowed. The both of them glanced at each others lips before staring right back into each others eyes.

Suddenly, Cassidy could feel the cold. It hit her strong and almost accusing. Then a different sort of heavy was pulling her down. No, it wasn't the guilt that roiled in her stomach at the thought of the hurt that she had inflicted upon her own best friend. This was physical, permanent for her body.

When she outstretched her arms, she found that she couldn't grasp onto anything, and panic seized her lungs. The low hum of nothing filled her ears as she flailed, sinking deeper to the bottom of the pool. She missed the words that slithered out past Daniel's lips, and didn't feel or see her tears melting into the water.

"Them... My demons... They look just like you. The bitch who ruined my life."

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