Dear my kitty,

you make my heart thunder like a wild, spiraling storm whenever I touch you.

you ignite the burning fire that emits feverishly deep inside my stomach whenever you look at me.

you make me swoon whenever i hear your sweet, angelic voice whispering the kind, gentle words you speak.

my legs grow into putty with every kiss you give me, and my arms turn into jello with every hug that you donate.

my bones ache whenever we're apart, and my toes curls whenever your beautiful face is painted with a frown.

i will do anything for you because you are my world, universe, and eternity.

in the galaxy that engulfs my whole being, my entity searching high and low for some sort of light, then i see you. my brightest star.

the bluest of skies, the greenest of trees, and the richest of soils will never stop the nature of our love from sprouting.

i am your noble king as you are my beauteous queen.

my life would meaningless without your presence.

i need you.

i love you.

my kitty.

your wolf


I am not perfect, so there may be some mistakes. (: