Swarming around the Earth as if to say hello to all.
Bringing a wondrous sea of beauty and relief.
Swaying in the wind, only to feel the soft breeze of blue to touch your hands.
Greeting the skin, with the flow of green against your toes.

The blossom of a faded red against your cheeks.
The brown roughness of the hair as if to deflect any unwanted touch.
The tender feeling of grey, solemnly swearing to stay helpful.
The empty white, filling itself with the neon vibrancy of others.

Whispering in your ear to say the words only few know of.
Forming a glorious body of love and wonder.
Nestling close to you like a cat purring in your lap.
Exploring all crevices and canyons of our planet like an adventurer.

The deep, vast, darkness of black holding much warmth in our hands.
The innocence of pink, only to remind you of the secrets behind closed doors.
The friendliness of yellow, to say that being a coward is recognized.
The ravishing teal in your eyes that has seen too much.

Colors adored by many, loved by me.