drunk, falling down, and funny image

1) Trip on literally nothing while only a few people are around.

- I have learned from experience that if you fall in a crowd and get back up no one will notice. In front of just a few people they may not notice but it will still be upsetting to know someone saw.

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2) Knock something down and make sure it makes a noise.

- I have no idea why but when you are trying your best to be quiet and you drop something no matter what its weight is it make a noise everyone can hear.

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3) Forgetting your pencil when your the quiet kid.

- Teacher's always make a big deal out of the smallest of things because you do this it affects another thing. "When you don't talk in class it means you are never prepared let this be a lesson to everyone."

contact, expectation, and eye image

4) Stare at your crush and when you get caught turn your head so fast you get whiplash.

- It happens every time I look at him he looks around the room and we make eye contact for a split second and I turn so fast it hurts.

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5) Wipe your eyes when your have makeup on.

- When it smears it leaves you looking like a crazying racoon as my friends call it.