"She's not going to look at you," griped Urban. His arms were crossed over his chest, an irritated scowl puckering his face. He knew the attempts to discourage his Master would be of no use, yet there was no harm in doing so for his own amusement. Of course, the situation was a double-edged sword in Urban's case. Regardless of being reluctant in the late night swooning of a lady who wouldn't look twice at his Master, Urban went anyway just to talk spite about it in order to entertain himself.

Another scoff came from the man's chest as he raked a hand through unkept black hair. The crickets were twittering in possible agitation as well. How many nights had the two been breaking curfew just to wait around for some beauty? It was scandalous. The prince committing such an unlawful act? Especially, for just some random "street girl" who happened to be lying about her status just to explore the town outside castle walls? Well, one would suppose that was why the prince came back for such a female.

With his chin planted on the heel of his hand, Prince Allen bit his lower lip at the windows showcasing light. The height was high. There was no way he could climb it. He wouldn't dare toss a few pebbles against the glass panes just to catch her attention either.

His blue eyes squinted against the dark blue and black of night, a towering tree crossing his vision.

"Yes!" He cried out as quietly as he could to himself. At this, Urban blinked with a frown dipping his eyebrows, and followed his Master's gaze. He linked the two and two together, and emitted a groan.

"No. No, no, no, please don't tell me you're going to do what I think you're going to do... Master, it's the early hours already! Your mother - might I remind you, the queen, - is going to have my neck on the chopping block before she even bothers to interrogate me!" By then it was too late. Urban watched with a slack jaw and complaints dying on the tip of his tongue as the prince scaled the giant of nature, carefully pulling himself up onto the longest tree limb.

"He's crazy. All of this for a girl? Would it be bad if I said that I would have broken in to meet her rather than set myself up for death on a branch?" Urban tsked to himself.

"Shut up, Urban, I'm going for the romantic idea," whisper-yelled the prince. Urban shook his head with a smirk, and shot a salute to his Master before disappearing.

Romantic? More like cheesy, thought the green eyed male.

No matter. Urban was more of the bad boy than the goody-two-shoes prince, after all. Yin and yang โ€” no oddly fitting pairs in the twisted human world.

With the foliage of the trees to conceal him, Prince Allen gasped at the sight before him. The windows he was looking into were that of the ballroom. There, in the centre of the glamorous arena of music and movement, was his pretty little flower, dancing alone. Well, she wasn't really a flower. Adriana Lawrence was a lot like the blue of a flame, appearing calm, cool, and collected, while at the same time displaying signs of headstrong behaviour. She had attitude, a caustic tongue when necessary. She was the girl the ultimate snobs of the aristocrats would hate because of her consideration towards the lower class, and the kindness she held for the less fortunate. Adriana liked and wanted change where sadly, others did not. She strived for the things she wanted, and at times, others may have needed. That was what Allen liked about her. She knew how to take control, work hard, and being the next in line for the throne, Allen found Adriana fitting to be his queen.

"Queen? I don't want it. Thanks." At those words, Allen's balance on the branch teetered, and he hollered before hands grabbed at his clothes, and hauled him over the railing of the platform that jutted out from the castle. The two tumbled to the polished marble of the ballroom.

Breathless from his almost accident, Allen looked up into the beautiful colour of light brown. A flush of warm red painted his cheeks.

aesthetic, brown eyes, and photography image

In the sunlight, Allen remembered that they would be a rich honey-looking hue.

They said that eyes were the window to the soul, and they were right. Adriana's soul was as sweet and down-to-earth as the deep, golden-honey shade they were crafted to be her eyes.

"Your... highness? I would prefer if you would close that mouth of yours. Or else, my ladies would find that what ever I say about you is true โ€” you're a dog," came the harsh words that snapped Allen out of his reverie.

As he fumbled to compose himself, Adriana couldn't help but smirk. Easy. She had the prince twisted around her finger. With the act she put up, her mother would have been oh-so proud.

The crown was going to be hers.

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