In a room full of teenagers some are, laughing, chatting, some are high as a kite and others are trying to study because they know that if they don't pass this test, they won't get into Harvard. Others are alone, reading a book as the music blasts into their ears and the world suddenly becomes them and the story the book holds. Meanwhile, others are yelling because they have the nerve to do so and others are just contemplating life and making the most of it.

Some are facing problems at home, but nobody knows. You see the girl in the corner? The one smiling and laughing, making her look so cheerful. You do? Now look at her again, she's alone, this time she isn't smiling, she is suicidal.

You see the boy over at the popular table? Surrounded by so many beautiful girls yet has never had a girlfriend? His parents are homophobic, he's gay.

High school is big, we all have a story to tell. High school is the home for our lost identities, where we try to look for our soul, some people don't find themselves till college or till they're forty years old.

But high school is a phase, one we all go through. You either know how to make use of the time, or you don't. High school is here to teach you that you'll always be criticized, no matter how hard you try to please people, they will never be satisfied.

As the phrase goes, They always wants to see you do good, but never better than them.

Be yourself, wait, you don't know who you are? Go risk yourself, try the things you've always wanted to do, this time make sure nobody is stopping you, not even yourself.

You want to kiss a girl? Go do it! You want to listen to this sick band you newly discovered but yet know you'll be judged? Well screw them, blast it through the speakers of your car with no care of who will hate it. It's your life. You don't want to be a doctor? You want to study drama? GO FOR IT. Fall in love, get out of the closet, get a piercing, dye your hair, do whatever you think is right. And if it turns out to be wrong, you'll learn a valuable lesson. Because thats what youth is all about, learning, experiencing and having fun. You create your future, you have the right to decide if you want it to be good one.