to deal with thoughts and emotions deep inside
to fight for what is wrong and what is right
to keep everything hidden beneath the ground
to let nothing show, nothing come out

to fake a smile, a lought or more
to scream and shout and punch you sore
to lay in bed and feel nothing all day
to keep you reminded that you have to stay


no, it´s more than that


but still you are standing there right infront of me

I´ll wipe away your tears
and I´ll hold you every night
I´ll Keep you safe and sound
and I´ll hug you ohh so thight

´couse you know there is no one left
no one but us two

so I´m writing this letter, this song, this poem
to the mirrow infront of me

So hey
I´m Tess and this is a Little Poem or so, i just wrote and wanted to share with you
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all the love T

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